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Monthly Archives: July 2022

    kwELITE offers unique unique experience with Parkway Plaza

    By Admin | July 31, 2022

    Being Nebraska’s No. 1 real estate brokerage is no happy accident for kwELITE Real Estate. It was all very intentional thanks to the vision of Broker/Owner Renee Mueller. When Mueller partnered with fellow real estate broker Jeff Cohn, the idea was to provide a mix of cutting-edge technology and hands-on personal service via a tech-powered... Read More

    Why choosing kwELITE over FSBO is so important

    By Admin | July 18, 2022

    Some get enticed by the idea of a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) option because they think they’ll enjoy not paying commission and having more control of the sales process. But, there are significant drawbacks to not using a kwELITE Real Estate Realtor. The kwELITE Real Estate team is made of licensed professionals throughout Nebraska... Read More

    Staging your home – Red Door Designs joins Parkway Plaza, eager to help people with their homes

    By Admin | July 5, 2022

    Sharyle Sands believes she has what it takes to help realtors and clients sell their homes quicker. Sands recently retired as vice president of the Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce after approximately 20 years in the role and has now gone full-time with Red Door Designs, her interior-decorating business.  “It was a dream of mine... Read More