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Monthly Archives: November 2022

    Decorating your rental 

    By Admin | November 28, 2022

    Thanksgiving is over and Christmastime is officially upon us. At Aksarben Property Management, we believe our properties are far more than rentals. We strive to make sure our tenants are happy in their homes.  Our renters want their homes to be full of cheer and festive, but it’s also important to our property owners that... Read More

    How Google reviews help us

    By Admin | November 27, 2022

    At kwELITE, we take pride in providing superior personal service. We have helped thousands of families find their dream homes throughout the years, but something that has helped us tremendously is receiving Google reviews from those we have worked with in the past. Think of Google reviews as endorsements from a friend. They come from... Read More

    Holiday safety tips to remember while celebrating

    By Admin | November 21, 2022

    The holiday season is upon us! Decorating is one of the most fun ways to get in a festive spirit, but emergency rooms across the country see thousands of injuries involving holiday decorating every season. And nobody wants to have the fire department called to their home because of a fire. Thanksgiving Day is actually... Read More

    Buying real estate this holiday season

    By Admin | November 18, 2022

    A new survey indicates homeownership is still very much considered the American Dream. And with Black Friday upon us, let’s take a look at four key advantages of buying a home: 1. It can be cheaper than renting long-term Landlords can raise the rent each time a lease is up, whereas working with a kwELITE... Read More

    Top 5 ways to winterize your multi-family units

    By Admin | November 14, 2022

    The holiday season is almost upon us, but Jack Frost could be nipping at a lot more than your nose if you’re not careful these next few months. People tend to think about massive winter storms causing property damage; however, smaller problems like frigid temperatures, ice buildup, or even thawing and freezing, can cause major... Read More

    Top 5 reasons to list your home this holiday season

    By Admin | November 14, 2022

    Wintertime brings cold weather and all sorts of major obligations due to two major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so a lot of homeowners tend to hold off on listing their property until spring rolls around. But, listing your home during the holidays has the potential to maximize your profits while selling quickly. Here are our... Read More

    Read what our clients are saying about us

    By Admin | November 7, 2022

    There are all kinds of options to take when it comes to property management, but Aksarben Property Management prides itself on letting our stellar service and commitment to our clients and tenants set us apart from the rest. Our team of industry professionals uses long-established best practices and state-of-the-art technology to provide dependability. But don’t... Read More