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4 Reasons to Give Yourself the Gift of Aksarben Property Management this Holiday Season

By now you’re in the midst of braving the crowds and completing holiday shopping, but what if you could give yourself a gift that would keep you happy all year long and free up your time?

Well, you can. Give yourself the gift of Aksarben Property Management. 

Aksarben Property Management takes on the day-to-day tasks of running your property, including interacting with tenants, as well as handling complaints, screening and vetting applicants.

We’ll also tackle marketing and advertising your rentals, collecting rent, taking care of repairs and more.

You can rest easy knowing we will regularly communicate with you but not waste your time with every issue or request. Things will be taken care of based on your wants and needs.

But why would you need a property management company?

1. You’re busy. 

You have family, a career and everyday happenings. Dealing with renters and maintaining properties is stress you don’t need.

2. You own numerous properties. 

If you own five, 10, or even more properties and are handling dozens of tenants, free time doesn’t come easy for you. Wouldn’t you rather have your time freed up to do things you actually want to do as opposed to dealing with tenants and maintenance issues?

3. You own properties in towns you don’t live in

If you own properties in towns you don’t live in, it can be seriously challenging to manage them properly. And do you want to be driving back and forth regularly racking up miles on your vehicle to deal with property issues and renters? We don’t think so.

Aksarben Property Management has its team and vendors situated across Nebraska. And with a leadership team with decades of experience in the industry, let us help you manage your responsibilities and give you peace of mind that everything is being handled the right way.

4. You have vacancies you need to fill

If you have vacancies, that means you’re unfortunately losing money. With an in-house marketing team, we can help make your properties look quite pleasing to potential tenants and fill those vacancies.

Don’t wait. Give us a call at 402-527-4471 so we can make sure your 2023 starts off well and stress-free.

“We have the best systems and teams in play to help with maximizing the full potential of each property we manage,” Aksarben Property Management V.P. of Operations Bev Larsen said. 

“We’re excited to grow and work with more clients.”

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