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5 ways we can make property owners’ lives easier

Sure, real estate can offer cash flow, tax breaks and the opportunity to build up your equity. The right estate investment can enhance your portfolio. 

If you’ve owned or currently own income property, you more than likely know managing a rental can be financially rewarding. But, you also know deep down that property management requires a large commitment when it comes to your effort and time.

What if you could invest in real estate, improve your portfolio and not have any of the hassle of the management? Here are five critical things Aksarben Property Management can help a property owner with when it comes to your investments.

  1. We find you the right tenants: 

We are experts with years of experience at finding good tenants. But we also have an online application process and subject all applicants to criminal background and security checks; we run credit reports; verify employment and more. We’re determined to find reliable tenants for your property.

  1. We manage the tenants

You’re a businessperson and an investor. You didn’t invest in real estate to be a landlord. In addition to finding you solid tenants, we handle every aspect of the landlord-tenant relationship.

Aksarben Property Management utilizes the RentCafe Resident app, which allows people to pay rent, request maintenance or reserve amenities with ease. Maintenance requests can vary from appliance repairs and unclogging toilets to changing hard-to-reach light bulbs. 

“We try to strive for 24-hour response time,” Larsen said, noting Aksarben will always utilize its own team first and opt for a third-party vendor when and if it’s necessary.”

The app features include: 

– Submit one-time payments in three easy steps with various payment methods.

– Set up monthly automatic payments to help you avoid late fees. 

– Share rent, utility, and other costs with roommates using monthly automatic payments

– Submit maintenance requests with photos and voice memos and track progress along the way.

So you won’t be getting any late-night phone calls from tenants — that’s our job.

“We have the best systems and teams in play to help with maximizing the full potential of each property we manage,” V.P. of Operations Bev Larsen said.

  1. Marketing your properties

Aksarben Property Management offers commercial, multi-family and residential specialists; in-house accounting with details sent to owners monthly; in-house maintenance with access for owners and tenants 24/7; digital marketing that includes virtual tours of all properties, online booking and listing to several local and national websites.

  1. We make it possible for you to invest in places you don’t live

With Aksarben, you can be rest assured your properties are being taken care of day in, day out. With our team being based across Nebraska, it enables you to be able to invest in great properties in communities you visit seldomly or even not at all. 

  1. Setting an ideal rental rate

Don’t fret having to drive around and see what others are charging for rent. We make sure to stay on top of what’s happening in our markets so we can set a competitive rental price for your property that allows us to maintain a low vacancy rate and maximize your money!

“We want to put a smile on our owners’ and tenants’ faces,” Area Manager Ty Liveringhouse said. 

“We’re going to keep everything streamlined and make it an easier process for tenants to pay their money, for renewal, and for owners to streamline their new incoming properties with us to get their income to them faster and more efficiently.”

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