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Building a Stronger Community Through Volunteer Work and Giving Back

At kwELITE Real Estate, giving back is baked right into our company culture. From leadership to Agents/staff, our entire team is passionate about community service. We believe in making a positive difference in our community and the causes that affect everyday people here.

One way we help locally is by donating to the Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC) to keep the real estate market fair for all. But it’s our work with local charities that truly energizes us and reaffirms our commitment to community service.

This year, we partnered with Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation and raised over $12,000 for childhood cancer research. Sammy’s Superheroes Foundation was started in Columbus, NE, with a mission to raise awareness and fund life-saving research for all types of childhood cancer. As many of our team members have been affected by childhood cancer within their own families, the fight for a CURE is incredibly important to us. Seeing the impact this money can make in the lives of young patients and their families is so rewarding.

Our Agents also raise funds for the Columbus Area United Way each year. Through creative duck sales in 2023, our Agents raised over $7,000 for this important organization. And that’s not all! We lend a hand to many nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, the Center for Survivors, Platte County Food Pantry, American Heart Association, and more.

By supporting schools, museums, hospitals, and other initiatives, we help make Columbus a place where everyone can thrive. We even donate to political campaigns to improve life here.

We know success isn’t just deals and commissions – it’s about working together to uplift one another & lending a hand to the community we are grateful to serve.

Our team is inspired to keep finding new ways to make a difference. When businesses and citizens join forces, we can make the world a little brighter! kwELITE is committed to giving back and empowering positive change.

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