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Buying and selling homes when you have a dog

Left: kwELITE Realtor Lisa Saenz poses for a selfie with her beloved dog, Jake.
Right: The Saenz family dog, Jake, celebrates one of Lisa’s listings being sold.

If you’re like kwELITE Real Estate Realtor Lisa Saenz, your dog is part of your family.

“For a lot of us, dogs become like our children,” Saenz said.

Although moving when you have a furry companion isn’t always so easy. Saenz and her family relocated to Columbus from Wichita, Kansas, a few years ago. They were looking to initially rent a home before getting to know the community better and buy, but having their dog, Jake, presented challenges during the relocation process.

“Finding a home for a family that would accept a dog was tough,” Saenz recalled. “But it was not an option. We were not going to move somewhere and give him up. He’s part of our family.”

The Saenz clan eventually found a home, which they now own, but they paid more to rent it so they could have their dog there. That’s something she said all people should think about when it comes to renting a home.

“You can renegotiate just about everything, but you have to be willing to pay a little extra,” Saenz said of pet owners looking for a new place, adding that homeowners may also want to consider pet deposits to cover renters with pets rather than turning them away. “Factor that into your budget – having a dog. Some renters may want more money to cover pets.”

For those that are thinking about selling their homes and have dogs, because she’s encountered plenty of them, you just have to be on top of things.

“It’s totally fine and acceptable to have a dog, but just like your regular kiddos, you’ve got to clean up after them,” she assures.

Tip No. 1 – be vigilant about droppings in the yard. Regularly clean those up.

Tip. No. 2 – vacuum the floor, the curtains and the furniture. Consider shampooing your carpets and cleaning the windows to get rid of nose smears your pet leaves behind.

Tip No. 3 – Give your dog a bath.

“Even if your dog doesn’t smell, we become nose blind to what our dogs smell like,” Saenz said. “That will definitely deter buyers when they walk into a house.”

Saenz said there are several pet grooming services in town that do a great job and can get you in without having to wait for an extended period of time like one might have to do in bigger cities.

There are also plenty of options to enjoy the outdoors with your dog in the Columbus area. The Columbus Bark Park, 5692-5794 Monastery Road, gives pet owners the chance to let their canines off the leash and enjoy the semi-shaded complex. Saenz said she likes to take Jake, who will be 6 in July, on the trails throughout town.

“We take our dog just about everywhere – doesn’t matter where I’m going, he’s the first one who is ready,” Saenz said. “He loves to go to Pawnee Park because there are a lot of geese and ducks walking around, so he loves to chase them.”

Are you a pet owner who is ready to sell or buy a home?  If so, kwELITE has a variety of residential and commercial building listings on its website. Call kwELITE Real Estate at 402-563-4663 to speak with Saenz or any of our realtors.

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