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Buying real estate this holiday season

A new survey indicates homeownership is still very much considered the American Dream. And with Black Friday upon us, let’s take a look at four key advantages of buying a home:

1. It can be cheaper than renting long-term

Landlords can raise the rent each time a lease is up, whereas working with a kwELITE Realtor and securing a mortgage enables you to predict your monthly payments and gives you control over your monthly expenses. And with inflation affecting everything from gas to groceries, budgeting has never been more important!

2. Build equity

Building home equity is critical to homeownership because it helps to provide future financial security. And you may be able to use it as collateral, borrowing against it when a major expense arises. Homeownership is also a way to store and save money, an investment that will more than likely appreciate over time. This 

3. You take control of home improvement projects

When you own your home, you can decorate and set it up however you please. That means you can paint walls whatever color you like, tear down walls, put in new flooring and more.

4. Tax deductions 

There can be potential tax breaks that come with purchasing a home. The interest you pay on your property taxes, mortgage and insurance premiums, among other things, may provide an opportunity for tax deductions. 

These are four big pluses to buying a home; however, we would never rule out renting. We encourage you to pop by our office on Black Friday to speak with one of our Realtors because we will be open 

We encourage you to call us at 402-563-4663 to speak with one of our licensed Realtors about your options on Black Friday or any day that works for you. And even though there are benefits to buying a home, sometimes renting is the better option for people. We would encourage you to contact our friends at Aksarben Property Management.

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