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Experience Smooth and Seamless Visits at Parkway Plaza

At Parkway Plaza, we utilize state-of-the-art visitor management technology to ensure all guests have the best experience when visiting our spaces. From signing in to accessing information and connecting with staff, our visitor software makes every visit smooth and seamless.  

Self Check-In With Our Virtual Receptionist 

Our user-friendly check-in kiosk located in the front lobby allows visitors to self check-in by easily scanning a QR code. This launches a virtual receptionist who can assist with reservations, directions, FAQs, and more – even when our office is closed! The virtual receptionist is available 24/7, eliminating staffing issues and freeing up our team’s time for other tasks.  

Freedom to Explore the Property  

Once signed in, our visitor management software gives guests the freedom to move about Parkway Plaza at their own pace without having to constantly check in with our staff. The software tracks visitors within the secure areas of the property, allowing our team to focus on more high-value tasks than monitoring an entry desk.  

Remote Access for Property Managers

Our cloud-based visitor management system allows Parkway Plaza’s property management team to access visitor information and data remotely from anywhere. Managers can view live footage of entry points, track visitor trends over time, and even engage with on-site guests through two-way video calls when working offsite.  

Next time you visit Parkway Plaza, be sure to experience our seamless self check-in process and state-of-the-art visitor management technology for yourself! Let our virtual receptionist assist with any questions or requests during or even after standard office hours. We look forward to welcoming you!

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