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From Japan to the Heartland — Rowley excited to be part of innovative kwELITE team

Quinten Rowley for quite some time had an interest in real estate having bought some investment properties a few years back, but he knew there was only one place he wanted to go when he decided to make the official jump into the industry.

“So kwELITE — It’s the best of Columbus. That’s really what it is,” Rowley said of the brokerage, which owns more than 80% of the local market share. “You always want to join the best if you can. Not everyone has that choice, but thankfully, I did. And talking with (kwELITE Real Estate Broker) Renee Mueller, it just seemed like a great fit.”

Rowley joined the team as its sales manager and showing agent. Among his many responsibilities are sorting through and sending out leads to agents, helping realtors show properties, getting lock boxes and signs out, as well as letting inspectors into locations.

The responsibility is nothing new to Rowley, who spent the last seven years working for Pillen Family Farms, an agriculture company founded by businessman and Huskers football standout Jim Pillen, who is currently running as a Republican candidate for governor of Nebraska.

Rowley spent the last five years managing two farms there.

“It just got to a point where I felt I wasn’t seeing any more growth at my job,” Rowley said, noting he kept thinking about his passion for real estate.

Rowley was born in Japan, as he grew up with his father in the military. His family relocated to South Dakota and Minnesota before they eventually landed in Humphrey when was 13. He now resides in Lindsay but considers Nebraska as a whole his home. He and his wife, Abbie Rowley, who is a licensed therapist in town, enjoy living “the good life.”

Getting settled, Rowley said he has enjoyed the friendly and team atmosphere at kwELITE. He has loved learning more about the company’s tech-powered approach to doing business.

“It’s huge. Any way you can make things easier for people to get things and make life easier for people at work is always good,” he said. “The old way does work, but there is always a better way to do things, and that’s huge being a company that’s on the cutting-edge with technology. It’s just going to make it better. The more you can use tech (such as drone photography and 6D renderings), the better.”

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