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‘Sky’s the limit’: Aksarben Property Management eager to offer personalized service

OMAHA — Smiles were exchanged, champagne glasses were raised, and just like that, a new era of property management officially began across the Midwest.

The leaders of Aksarben Property Management recently met with clients, tenants and leaders from ancillary businesses in Omaha and Columbus to discuss what to expect from the company and what differentiates itself from the competition.

Aksarben Property Management offers commercial, multi-family and residential specialists; in-house accounting with details sent to owners monthly; in-house maintenance with access for owners and tenants 24/7; digital marketing that includes virtual tours of all properties, online booking and listing to several local and national websites; as well as various insurance products for rent loss or damages caused by tenants.

“I’m very excited about the response and the new adventures we’re creating,” Vice President of Operations Bev Larsen said. “My hopes are to get everybody onboarded, and that we’ll be able to customize and personalize everyone’s portfolio. We want to provide something different to the owners that they haven’t gotten.”

Helping her do it is Regional Manager Jacob Larsen and Area Manager Ty Liveringhouse. The two have been part of Larsen’s property management team for years, and collectively, the trio brings with it more than two decades of experience.

“I’m very hopeful, I’m very confident with all the experience we have had in the past in the property management industry,” Jacob Larsen said. “I see the potential. We are working on a lot of things we are going to nail down in the next couple weeks that we’re going to capitalize on and that will set us apart from the competition.”

Added Liveringhouse: “We want to put a smile on our owners’ and tenants’ faces. We’re going to keep everything streamlined and make it an easier process for tenants to pay their money, for renewal, and for owners to streamline their new incoming properties with us to get their income to them faster and more efficiently.”

Successful entrepreneur Jeff Cohn, co-founder of kwELITE and Elite Real Estate Systems, said he’s thrilled Aksarben Property Management has come to fruition. He and Renee Mueller co-founded kwELITE as a one–stop-shop tech-powered office in all locations that provides clients a simple, customized home buying and selling experience. Aksarben Property Management joins the ancillary network that features Aksarben Mortgage, Aksarben Insurance and more.

“I’m really excited to have the Aksarben Property Management arm in our Omaha office and all our offices across the Midwest,” said Cohn, who is the operating principal of kwELITE. “It’s important to me to have a property management company that treats the properties like their own while working very hard to maintain the properties so they’ll increase in value and also maintain low vacancy so their investors will increase profitability and not have a lot of turnover.”

Bev Larsen and the Aksarben Property Management team are undoubtedly ready to get to work.

“The sky’s the limit,” she assured. “We have this open canvas to offer people — I’m excited that we’re giving people the opportunity to tell us what they want to do with their portfolio.”

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