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Tips and tricks for snow removal this winter

With the holidays upon us, Mother Nature has already been sending plenty of snow to the Husker state.

So, do you need to put on your boots, hat and coat, grab your shovel and get to work once it snows?

You don’t have to panic, as you can take advantage of the amenities Aksarben Property Management offers and focus your time on things you actually want to do. It’s one of the many ways we provide top real estate property management services to those who rent homes and apartments with us.

We have our own in-house maintenance team to ensure we can maintain rapid response time to maintenance issues, such as snow removal, and keep our tenants happy. 

“We try to strive for 24-hour response time,” Regional Manager Jacob Larsen said, noting Aksarben will always utilize its own team first and opt for a third-party vendor when and if it’s necessary.

But review your lease to double check what’s in place for the home or apartment you’re renting.

That being said, it’s also important to be aware of city laws/ordinances related to snow removal, as it can vary depending on where you live in Nebraska and throughout the Midwest.

In Omaha, property owners and occupants must remove snow and ice from public sidewalks and walkways that adjoin their property within 24 hours or face a fine. Snow must also be cleared from mailboxes and fire hydrants on their property.

Wherever you live, snow must be cleared for about a 5-foot wide path on all sidewalks, including crosswalk ramps. And you should never shovel or move it into the street.

You may also find yourself wanting to remove snow as soon as it falls. If that’s the case, remember these steps:

• Warm up. Warm your muscles before heading out to shovel by doing some light movements, such as bending side to side or walking in place.

• Push it — don’t try to lift a shovel full of snow and get injured.

• Choose your shovel wisely

• Take breaks

• Consider multiple trips

• Wear layers

Salt does a great job of melting minimal ice or snow accumulation, but the different kinds out there for snow removal aren’t always pet-friendly, so be mindful of that.

Visit our website,, to check out all of our apartment listings across Nebraska, including Omaha, Gretna, La Vista, Columbus, Elkhorn and Kearney. Fill out an application for a property and let’s get you a place to stay.

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