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Top 5 reasons to list your home this holiday season

Wintertime brings cold weather and all sorts of major obligations due to two major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so a lot of homeowners tend to hold off on listing their property until spring rolls around. But, listing your home during the holidays has the potential to maximize your profits while selling quickly.

Here are our top five reasons you should list your home with kwELITE during the holidays:

1. Flexibility

It is well known that many Americans tend to utilize a lot of their time-off allowance throughout the holiday season and schools take an extended break. Yes, there is good food to eat, decorations to put up, football to watch and all sorts of family activities, but people still tend to have a lot of downtime.

This gives potential homebuyers the chance to take a look at your property beyond normal weekend viewing times. Instead of waiting for weekends or after work hours to display a property, you can have showings during the week. Selling houses is easier during Black Friday since people are already looking forward to deals (just saying!). Ultimately, you can get more eyes on your home, which means the potential for more offers. 

2. Use the “Jolly” atmosphere to your advantage

Staging your home can often cause stress for sellers, but the holiday season enables you to dress up your house with ease. Create a cozy and inviting vibe with a holiday theme. Crank up your heat, make sure your holiday collection matches your decor, add a few subtle touches like an evergreen wreath, mind your tree and offer some sweet treats during showings. This can offer a pleasant experience to would-be buyers, which could help your pockets when it comes to an offer. 

Plus, you’ll be able to utilize the ambiance of the neighborhood and community as a whole, as most cities do their best to provide a festive spirit with lights and decorations for the season. 

Let’s just be real: Your home more than likely looks its best when the potential for guests visiting throughout the season.

This can all help make a great first impression with potential buyers, who will likely tap into their emotions when deciding to make an offer. 

3. Less competition/Lower inventory

Most people prefer settling in their homes during the holidays. As a result, there are usually fewer homes on the market during this time of year because sellers consider them not ideal times to sell theirs. Your home can stand out even more to potential buyers than in traditional busier times of the year in the real estate world.

4. You can capitalize on year-end job transfers looking to move

The end of the year is often the time when people get notified they will be moving because of a job transfer, or an offer comes through from another company that’s just too good to pass up.

Those people are going to need a new home as soon as possible, and more than likely they’ll be searching over the holidays with school resuming in January. These types of buyers can’t wait for spring, which can result in your home selling quickly.

5. Serious buyers

Those who are shopping for new homes during the holiday season tend to be motivated buyers. If a buyer is traveling around in the freezing weather or breaking away from their holiday schedule to look at your home, they’ve got to be serious, right!? These kinds of buyers tend to have a deadline in mind, so they’re not going to want to waste a lot of time. They’ll want to get a deal done. You can expect fewer showings, but more qualified buyers and offers.

If you’re considering listing or ready to list your home this holiday season, give kwELITE a call at 402-563-4663 to help you get started. 

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