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We offer full-service property management

As Rent Manager’s Preferred Partner for Online Payments, we’re thrilled to be able to help you find new ways to achieve your business goals. With your objectives in mind, we’ve selected a few resources that provide additional insights and highlight the benefits of ePay – to both your business and your residents:
  1. Credit Reporting for the win-win: PayLease reports rent payments to credit bureaus (at no extra cost), helping your residents increase their credit scores and providing an incentive to make on-time payments. In fact, consumer studies have shown that as many as 7 in 10 renters would make more on-time payments if they knew it would improve their credit scores. Here’s a how-to: Opt-in for PayLease Credit Reporting for Rent Manager Users
  2. More options, quicker cash flow – no excuses: To complement our seamless payment data integration with Rent Manager, we offer more options for making payments anytime, anywhere – and payment transactions update in real time. From credit cards and e-checks, to PayPal or CashPay (at 25,000+ retail locations) and Check Scanning – we’ll streamline your rent collection process. See payment options here.
  3. More ways to get the most out of your Rent Manager account: “All of PayLease’s services integrate into our management software and it has made a world of difference for our entire staff.” Read how Jennifer Howard and the staff of Boutique Apartments increased productivity thanks to PayLease.

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