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What’s your home’s value? Latest digital technology can ensure confidence 

Property owners have until only June 30th, 2022, to file valuation protests – a deadline set by the Nebraska Department of Revenue, Property Assessment Division. 

If there was an increase or decrease from the 2021 assessed valuation of a real property parcel to the 2022 assessed value, the county assessor was required to send a notice of valuation change to the property owner on or before June 1st, 2022. If a change of valuation notice was not received, and there was a change in value from 2021 to 2022, property owners are encouraged to contact the local county assessor for more information.

If a property owner disagrees with the assessed value, whether or not a notice of valuation change has been received, a protest may be filed with the county board of equalization. The valuation protest may be filed in person or by mail with the county clerk in the county where the property is located. Requirements for filing a protest are on the Notice of Valuation Change. All real property protests are required to be completed using Property Valuation Protest Form 422 or 422A.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t know the accurate value of their properties because there has historically been a reliance on imprecise property valuation methods to determine it.

But kwELITE’s focus on technology-driven digital marketing is helping the consumer on both sides of a transaction get the most accurate valuation of a property.

The brokerage utilizes top 6D scanning technology to transform real-life spaces into immersive digital models to empower people to capture and connect rooms to create truly interactive models of spaces. In essence, this technology ensures confidence for all involved with a transaction.

“It really sets us apart from our competitors to be able to provide our clients with a walk through of a property without them ever having to step inside,” said Megan Cimpl, kwELITE Real Estate marketing coordinator, operations manager and one of several licensed drone pilots part of the team.

Keep in mind municipalities assess the value of immovable property by carrying out a valuation – the 
county assessor is responsible for valuing all real and personal property with the exception of railroads, public service entities and specific personal property of air carrier and rail car line companies. 

Municipal valuations that are done by authorized individuals on behalf of the relevant local municipality will ultimately be a determining factor in the calculation of monthly property rates to be paid by homeowners. An accurate valuation can also be critical when it comes to a property owner refinancing his/her mortgage or going about home-improvement efforts, among other things.

The challenge comes when there are variances in appraisals. When two different appraisers measure the same property – they can sometimes produce dramatically different gross living area (GLA) calculations. Inaccuracies in county housing records, which appraisals also rely on, can complicate the sellers’ process.

So ultimately, having an accurate property valuation powered by digitized floor plans is important to mortgage lenders, investors and insurers, as well as buyers and sellers of real property, because it can provide heavily-detailed and accurate property layout.

For more information regarding filing a protest, please contact the county clerk where the property is located. County contact information is available at

Contact kwELITE Real Estate to get your house scanned with the latest technology, so you can have the most-accurate home valuation.

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