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Why choosing kwELITE over FSBO is so important

Some get enticed by the idea of a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) option because they think they’ll enjoy not paying commission and having more control of the sales process.

But, there are significant drawbacks to not using a kwELITE Real Estate Realtor.

The kwELITE Real Estate team is made of licensed professionals throughout Nebraska that pride themselves on utilizing the most innovative technology to help their clients find their dream homes and properties.

“I believe real estate is a calling, and I believe it’s our calling to deliver the best real estate sales experience to the consumer and the agent,” kwELITE Operating Principal and Co-Founder Paul Richardson said. “And when the agent is living up to their full potential, you can’t lose.”

• kwELITE can offer you expertise and save you time.

Seller real estate agents essentially do all the paperwork regarding a real estate transaction. A real estate agent helps you with a variety of things, including reviewing sales offers and writing counter-offers — all tasks you’d have to do on your own without assistance if you don’t have a Licensed professional on your team.

Buying or selling a home usually requires dozens of forms, reports, disclosures and other documents. Realtors have the expertise to help you prepare an awesome deal while also avoiding costly mistakes that can mess you up.

Real estate agents will also help you prepare and show properties to potential buyers by coordinating open houses, scheduling appointments with people and leading showings.

“One of the biggest misconceptions people can have about real estate agents is that we only open doors, but nothing could be further from the truth,” said kwELITE Realtor Lisa Saenz. “Getting a client through that door is not our only value. It’s getting a client to the closing table. Looking at homes, putting in ‘for sale’ signs, even making offers all sounds so easy that anyone can do it. And anyone probably can, but what about the parts that come next?!

“Buying a home is always an emotional process, and as agents, we can help make that process as smooth and stress free as possible. We know all the people that a client will need to know in order to buy a home. From lenders, title companies, insurance providers, contractors, etc. as an agent, we know people! And we will get all those people to work for the client to ensure the road to the closing table happens and is as smooth as possible!”

• kwELITE can market your property like no other!

Artificial intelligence, home video tours enhanced by drone fly-over footage and personalized member accounts offering email and text notifications are just some of the many ways kwELITE’s in-house marketing team can help get as many eyes as possible on your property. That entails creating a custom listing video featuring aerial drone shots and virtual tours of a property utilizing drone footage and a specific camera that empowers people to capture and connect rooms to create truly interactive 3D models of spaces. 

In essence, a potential buyer could walk through a property and get a feel for it without ever having to step inside.

“kwELITE goes above and beyond with marketing listings, getting the maximum exposure for our sellers,” Saenz said, adding that clients also get free access to the company’s moving truck for life. “kwELITE puts the client in contact with great insurance providers, home warranty companies, a step-by-step process to help the client get to the closing table and set them up for homeownership success! 

“At kwELITE, we don’t end the client relationship once we have that house under contract. We are available all the way to the end and even after closing.”

• kwELITE ALWAYS puts the client first

It’s no surprise kwELITE owns a majority of the local market share in the Columbus area and has grown across Nebraska. The company prides itself on keeping the agent as the fiduciary and tech as the functionary, whereas a lot of other real estate companies do the opposite. Putting the client first is always what matters.

“The grind can be never-ending. We work around our client’s schedules. We work evenings, weekends, holidays, while on vacation. If that great house pops up while we’re out of town, we have to find a way to get our clients in to see that house and make an offer if they want to,” Saenz said. “And it doesn’t stop there: If there is a problem with the condition of the home once the client is under contract, we have to find solutions! It’s negotiating, asking, working with different people that have different goals and then doing it all over again for the next client. But it can also be very rewarding!”

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