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Something Good Columbus

Our Story

In 1887, there were no local insurance companies in Lincoln, Nebraska. Five local businessmen saw that as an opportunity and formed The Old Line Bankers Life Insurance Company of Nebraska. Today, that company is Ameritas. Our headquarters are still in Lincoln, but now we’re nationwide and serve more than 4 million customers. From the beginning, we’ve grown by putting customers first. Our structure as a mutual-based organization helps make this possible.

We started with life insurance. Years of working closely with customers uncovered other needs. We responded by adding competitive insurance, employee benefits and financial products and services to our portfolio.

Along the way, we merged with two other companies that shared our values. Amid this growth and change, we stayed on track by following our mission, vision and values. Watch how we define fulfilling life.

Our culture

Everyone should feel safe bringing their authentic, whole self to work.  That’s why we’re committed to creating an inclusive, diverse culture enriched by our individual differences. Each of us helps create a safe and inclusive environment where diversity is not only welcomed, but actively pursued and celebrated. It’s our mission of fulfilling life that leads us to embrace these unique differences, to understand and appreciate one other, and to grow together. That’s equally true for every customer and community we serve.

Our mission

We help make the lives of our customers and their families better by offering proven, trusted and valued insurance and financial solutions over lifetimes. This is what we do and we strive to do it better than anyone.

Our vision

We are the company that our customers, associates, and insurance, benefits, and financial services professionals are proud to call theirs. Together we will touch more lives and help more people.

Our values

  • We will work hard to earn the trust of our customers and each other.
  • We will be good business stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us.
  • We will attract, challenge, grow and reward our most valuable assets – our people.
  • We will serve our communities with purpose.
  • We will always operate in adherence to the highest ethical standards.

We call what we’ve been doing all these years fulfilling life.